Other Types of Craft

Leading the Way

As well as been one of the leading trawler building firms in the UK, Parkol Marine also builds other vessels including workboats, pleasure craft and have produced many beautifully constructed motor craft.

Parkol Marine has a hard earned, reputation for build quality. This did not happen by chance - it's the result of over 20 years of commitment and hard work by everyone connected with our shipyard.

Diversity of Builds

The HM Bark Endeavour

The boat two-fifths the size of Captain Cook’s historical ship Endeavour was built at Parkol Marine for Scarborough-based Colin and Rachael Jenkinson as a pleasure craft. Traditional boat building skills where revived in the construction of the replica, using techniques that were around in Captain Cooks day.

Whitbys New Dredger

In 2003 Parkol converted a Dutch river barge into Whitbys new harbour dredger. The project entailed extensive conversion work to put in engines, a wheelhouse and other modifications to get it seaworthy.

The Foy Boat

Tees Licensed Foyboatmen's Association Limited provides mooring services to a range of ships on Teesport, they safely and efficiently moor anything from super tankers to car ferries. Parkol Marine where delighted to deliver TLFBA their latest foy boat in March 2006.

Latest Build

27 Meter Motor Yacht currently being built for Whitby Yachts LLP.