New Designs

New Designs

Quality Assurance, From Planning To Production

Our clients expect the highest standards and at Parkol Marine we provide that in our designs. We start with your ideas, develop the concept, detail the design, and then follow through during production to assure that the resulting vessel will meet all expectations.

The Design Process

Concept: As with any new venture, there is first the idea and then the bringing forth of it into a functioning reality. Our first task is therefore to listen and learn our clients' requirements.

Design: During the design of a new vessel, our goal is to transform the owner's requirements into the best possible solution to those requests. We begin with a few sketches to explore layout and styling, and we then create a 3D computer model.

Analysis: Computer modeling is the most efficient and accurate means of defining hull form, and offers us access to powerful design, visualization, and analysis tools. This allows us to optimize the design in terms of form, structure, performance, stability and sea keeping.

Production: Having first modeled the vessel, the structural model is then able to drive the building of the vessel itself. This level of automation allows complete control over production, and assures the greatest accuracy of the result.