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Huge Fuel Savings

The new twin-rig prawn trawler Virtuous FR 253, which was designed in York by Ian Paton of S C McAllister and built at Whitby by Parkol Marine Engineering for Fraserburgh skippers Sandy West and Keith Buchan, started successfully by landing 360 boxes from each of the 23m vessel's first two 6-7 day trips. Whilst understandably pleased by this early consistency, Sandy West and Keith Buchan are probably more impressed by Virtuous's fuel economy during the consecutive opening landings, both of which included fishing in northerly gales. The trawler's average daily fuel consumption is 1,500 litres, even though the skippers and crew are still getting accustomed to the boat's handling while fine tuning the twin-rig gear.

Reducing running costs was one of the key reasons the owners ordered a new boat, so this level of fuel economy (which has the potential to reduce fuel bills by over 20 year) in itself appears to justify their decision. At current prices, this represents a saving of over 50,000 Pounds a year, and as oil prices are expected to go up, the savings can only increase.

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New build for Parkol

Lockers trawers have placed an order for a 25m fishing boat to be built at Parkol and is scheduled for delivery next spring.

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